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Josh Gurango


Josh is originally from Manila, Philippines and is now living in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Steffi, daughters Sabella and Samara, and son Jonah. He completed his BMin at the Reformed Theological College.


Josh was previously involved in the planting of Christ's Heritage Church, which is the congregation which eventually planted Christ Covenant Church in 2020.

Leadership: Leadership

Hongi Peeni


Hongi was ordained to the Diaconate in April of 2021 but was then ordained to the Eldership in December of 2022. Both him and his wife Chervell are Kiwis. Hongi loves the Lord, enjoys serving Christ's sheep, and is known for his delicious cooking.


Ray Yee


Ray and his wife Daphlyn have been Christians most of their life in Singapore before God brought them, along with their sons Seth and Zane, to Melbourne. Eventually, God also brought them to the rich, biblical truths of the Reformed faith. He then called Ray to the Diaconate in June of 2023.

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